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Alpaca 12

BEAUFORT – Château de Beaufort
Beaufort Castle lies in the village of the same name, east of the town of Diekirch. Beaufort Castle was probably built in the 9th century as a stronghold to defend the large estates of the abbey of Echternach. Around 1150 the little stronghold [...]

Nordic Gold

BEAUVAIS – Cathédrale de Beauvais
The Cathedral of Saint Peter of Beauvais (French: Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Beauvais) is an incomplete Roman Catholic cathedral located in Beauvais, in northern France.Several of the chapels contain medieval stained glass windows made during [...]

Nordic Gold

BEAUVAIS – Cathédrale de Beauvais – Horloge Astronomique
The Cathedral of Saint Peter of Beauvais (French: Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Beauvais) is an incomplete Roman Catholic cathedral located in Beauvais, in northern France.Several of the chapels contain medieval stained glass windows made during [...]

Nordic Gold

BEAUVOIR-SUR-MER – Le Daviaud – La Barre de Monts
The Ecomuseum Marais Vendeen - Le Daviaud is a vast open-air museum founded in 1982 in the village of La Barre-de-Monts. It consists of 80 hectares of original natural environment. La Barre-de-Monts is located in the Baie de Bourgneuf.This vas [...]


BELCASTEL – Belcastel Aveyron
Belcastel (Bèl Castèl in Occitan) is a commune in the Aveyron department in southern France.The village is medieval in character, with cobbled streets and lauze-roofed (stone tiled) houses. The bulk of the village and the castle (Château de Be [...]


The Königssee is a lake located in the extreme southeast of the German State of Bavaria, near the German-Austrian Border, and is the deepest lake in Germany. The lake was formed by glaciers during the last ice age. It is 7.7 kilometers long an [...]


BERCHTESGADEN – Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest)
The Kehlsteinhaus, also known as the Eagle's Nest, was an extension of the Obersalzberg complex built by the Nazis in the German Alps near Berchtesgaden. It is situated on a ridge at the top of the Kehlstein mountain (1834 m), reached by a spe [...]


BERCHTESGADEN – Köningliches Schloss
The Augustine Abbey of Canons founded in 1102 eventually became an independent church state within the German Empire and became a prince-provostry in 1559. Until it was secularized in 1803 the monastery remained the residence of the ruling lor [...]


Berchtesgaden is a municipality in the German Bavarian Alps. It is located in the south district of Berchtesgadener Land in Bavaria, near the border with Austria, some 30 km south of Salzburg and 180 km southeast of Munich. To the south of the [...]

Alpaca 12

BERG, ØSTFOLD – Svinesund Bridge
The Svinesund Connection project runs from Nordby in Sweden to Svingenskogen in Norway , and includes two kilometers of motorway in Sweden, 4,3 kilometers of motorway in Norway and a 700-meter long bridge between the two countries.The Svinesun [...]

Alpaca 12

BERGEN – Ulriken
Ulriken is the highest of the Seven Mountains (de syv fjell) that surround Bergen, Norway. It has an altitude of 643 metres above sea level.Ulriken has an aerial tramway, Ulriksbanen, that can bring people to the top. At the top there is a TV [...]

Alpaca 12

BERGEN – Akvariet – Bergen
One of the finest and most extensive collections of marine fauna in Europe. The Bergen Aquarium is located on the outermost point of Nordnes, with a delightful view over the approach to the port of Bergen. Seals and penguins playing in the lar [...]

Alpaca 12

BERGEN – Bryggen
Bryggen, also known as Tyskebryggen ('the German Dock') is a series of Hanseatic commercial buildings lining the eastern side of the fjord coming into Bergen.Bryggen is on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites.The city of Bergen was founded [...]

Alpaca 12

BERGEN – Edvard Grieg Museum – Troldhaugen
The museum is the home of the composer Edvard Grieg where his Steinway grand piano from 1892 is exhibited. Edvard and Nina Grieg lived in this lovely house, built in the Swiss chalet style, from 1885 until Edvard Grieg's death in 1907. Today T [...]

Alpaca 12

BERGEN – Fløibanen
Fløibanen is one of Bergen's major tourist attractions and one of Norway's most visited sights. It claims to be the only funicular cable car for passengers in Scandinavia. Over 1 million passengers a year have used it over the past few years.F [...]

Alpaca 12

BERINGEN – Vlaams Mijnmuseum
The history of the coal extraction as it was comes to life in the mine museum. The museum includes among others a collection of old mining material, geological material and an 'underground' imitation workshop. The museum gives information abou [...]


BERLIN – Hauptmann von Köpenick
Friedrich Wilhelm Voigt (13 February 1849 – 3 January 1922) was a German impostor who, in 1906, masqueraded as a Prussian military officer, rounded up a number of soldiers under his 'command', and 'confiscated' more than 4,000 marks from a mun [...]


BERLIN – Motorrad Museum
In the museum you will find more than 140 motorcycles, scooters and mopeds, the manufacturer DKW / IFA / MZ, Simson-Suhl, IWL and EMW. There is about 1000 square meters of exhibition space divided over 2 floors.

Alpaca 6

BERLIN – Reichstag
The Reichstag building is a historical edifice in Berlin, Germany, constructed to house the Reichstag, parliament of the German Empire. It was opened in 1894 and housed the Reichstag until 1933, when it was severely damaged in a fire supposedl [...]


BERLIN – St. Marienkirche
St. Mary's Church, known in German as the Marienkirche, is a church in Berlin, Germany. It is located on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße in central Berlin, near Alexanderplatz. The exact age of the original church site and structure is not precisely kn [...]


BERLIN – Berlin Wall/Berliner Mauer
The Berlin Wall (German: Berliner Mauer) was a barrier that divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989. Constructed by the German Democratic Republic (GDR, East Germany), starting on 13 August 1961, the wall completely cut off (by land) West Berlin from [...]