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We started selling souvenir coins in 2002 and have since become Europe’s biggest distributor.

Our Collection provides lasting memories in the form of timeless souvenir coins and consists of more than 1 000 different coins in 40 countries. Every coin gives a reflection of a rich and sometimes stirring history of a country. But also more recent attractions can display a countries’ spirit and dynamism. Castles and cathedrals, monuments and landmarks, museums, caves, sanctuaries, nature reserves, zoos, recreational parks, … There’s always something to discover, catering for all tastes.

At most locations, our souvenir coins are being sold through coin machines, but you may also find them in a coin box on the local shop’s counter. Our coins are also available through attractive blisters. The coins sold via a coin machine are being sold at €2,00 – €3,00 each or the approximate counter value outside the Euro-zone. Our machines have been developed and improved to guarantee an optimal quality.

Enjoy your visit and discover the fascinating world of the National Tokens souvenir coin collection.

How we work

Years of experience have resulted in a high quality machine that is built to last a lifetime. The coin machine has been designed and built with one thing in mind: to create an attractive machine that will generate as many sales of coins as possible. The illuminated machine as well as the fact that you see the coins through the display, attracts the eye even more!

The high quality metal souvenir coins are manufactured in different alloys and available in different dimensions. The blanks are produced ourselves so it takes maximum three weeks to produce the coins. Souvenir coins can be minted with a 2D- or 3D-design on one or both sides. Each coin has a unique design and is exclusively sold at a particular location.

Castles, cathedrals and monuments are appealing in our 2D versions thanks to the very accurate details. Portraits of knights, painters or other historic legends and icons look best on a 3D minted coin since it provides a better representation of the person and his expression.

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To manufacture a high quality souvenir coin from initial idea to finished product, four different steps have to be taken:

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A clear image is needed to start designing an attractive coin. This image will preferably be a high resolution picture or another type of document. Postcards are the best alternative, as these usually show the best angle and quality of a monument.

Torre de Belem Lisbon

A preview is being made. This is a draft version of the coin scaled to its final and actual measurement complete with text and other optional details. Thanks to the state-of-the-art, high-end manufacturing techniques, years of experience and expert craftsmanship, no detail has to be left out. When the preview is being approved, the technical drawing is being prepared. This is the representation of the souvenir coin itself and includes instructions about the manufacturing process.


After that, the die is being created. This die is also known as the matrix and is based on the technical drawing which shows every accurate detail.

Torre de Belem Lisbon

Coins are minted in one strike with two customized matrices to produce a high quality coin. A truly unique souvenir is created.

Once you start thinking about the concept, the possibilities are limitless. National Tokens is receptive to new ideas because tokens can be made for many locations and occasions.


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The facebook page offers you a platform to directly contact National Tokens coin collectors in other countries. This makes it easier for you to grow your personal coin collection without actually having to travel to those sometimes far-away countries. Although you will probably make some international friends along the way as well. Join our facebook group and like our facebook page

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