The Magical World of Buterflies Has Got its Own Coin.

  With a surface area of 3,000 square meters, Mangrove hall in Burger’s Zoo, Arnhem is the largest indoor mangrove in the world. From the beach bordering a Belizean town square, the mysterious world that is the mangrove calls. Further inland, the mangrove forest slowly transforms into a tropical dry forest. It became a shelter…


We are expanding!

From now on National Tokens also presents two new machines: at the PTA, berth of cruise ships in Amsterdam and in Alkmaar, city of the famous cheese carriers.

To honor the Great War

Honoring our relatives who served in the Great War and other veterans of the conflict who made a meaningful contribution to our lives. To honor World War I, we have designed a new limited edition coin, wrapped in a meaningful blister-package. The new coin will be produced in the high quality alloy: Nordic Gold. Only 200 pieces are…