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COLLONGES-LA-ROUGE – Vallée de la Dordogne
Not only does Collonges-la-Rouge proudly proclaim the status as one of 'The Most Beautiful Villages in France', it's also the founder of the association. Despite inhabitants putting down roots as early as the 8th century, the village became a [...]

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The Gabares are traditional flat-bottomed boats in the style that have been used for transporting goods along the Dordogne since the Middle Ages. Les Gabares propose boat trips along the river Dordogne. The Gabares used to transport goods alon [...]

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ROCAMADOUR – Vallée de la Dordogne
The first shock is the place itself - in reality a tiny village with a world-wide reputation - seen from l’Hospitalet ! Built into the cliffside on successive levels, 120 metres in length, it clings high above a canyon through which flows the [...]

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CARENNAC – Vallée de la Dordogne
Along with 21 of the Dordogne Valley's other villages, Carennac is classified one of the 'Most Beautiful Villages of France' offering a slice of medieval history that just simply can't be ignored. Nestled below the Causse's barren plateaux, th [...]

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CARCASSONNE – Cite de Carcassonne – Patrimoine Mondial de UNESCO
With its 3 kilometres of defensive ramparts, the old city of Carcassonne is one of the largest surviving medieval walled cities in Europe. As a natural defensive spot beside the River Aude, the site has been occupied and fortified since before [...]

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PAYERNE – Panorama
Payerne is a municipality in the Swiss canton of Vaud. It was the seat of the district of Payerne, and is now part of the district of Broye-Vully. The German name Peterlingen for the town is out of use. The earliest traces of settlements near [...]