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CYPRUS – AGIA NAPA – Parco Paliatso – Sling Shot
Sling Shot belongs to the extreme rides category. The Sling Shot is one of the highest and safest ejection seat rides in Europe. The perfect ride for those who dare!

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CYPRUS – AGIA NAPA – Parco Paliatso – Giant Wheel
Parko Paliatso was established in 1999 by Vali Amusements Ltd, offering fun, excitement and entertainment to adults and children. The funfair is the biggest in Cyprus built on a 30,000 square meter land, with a parking area ready to host up to [...]

Alpaca 12

OROPA – Oropa 1620-2020 – V Incoronazione
Every 100 years, starting from 1620, the solemn gesture of the Coronation of the Madonna of Oropa is repeated. This event will be celebrated in 2020 for the fifth time. Inheriting this tradition does not mean repeating a gesture or a pharaonic [...]

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BRUSSEL – Manneken Pis – 3D
Manneken Pis is a landmark small bronze sculpture (61 cm) in Brussels, depicting a naked little boy urinating into a fountain's basin. It was designed by Hiëronymus Duquesnoy the Elder and put in place in 1618 or 1619. The current statue is a [...]

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NIMTOFTE – Sommerland Sjaelland – Mysa
Summerland Zealand has in recent years expanded its park with thousands of beautiful flowers, but in 2016, the park's employees gained quite a surprise. There were already small glimpses and talk in the corners during the autumn, but when spri [...]


DUBROVNIK – Dubrovnik Libertas – Aerial View
The Republic of Ragusa, today known as Dubrovnik, and its surroundings gained remarkable significance due to trading all over the Mediterranean and beyond between the 14th and the 18th centuries. During earlier times, whilst under the rule of [...]