RIGA – Rooster of Riga
For the 800-year jubilee of Riga’s founding, the rooster was chosen as the city’s symbol. There are roosters everywhere, especially in an old part of Riga. The ancient steeples mentioned in chronicles had rooster weather vanes on top even back [...]

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AALST – Aalst Carnaval 2023 – 93 stoet
"Dzjing klet boom ... vedrom me the growing drum", that is the title of the poster designed by Dennis De Wolf and which will pop up everywhere in the streets in the coming weeks. The carnival procession in Aalst, together with the giants and t [...]

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CASELETTE – The Sanctuario of Sant’ Abaco
The most important part if the festivities is solemn liturgical celebrations which take place on three Sundays after Epiphany Day: on the 19th of January, one Sunday before and after. services take place with a large congestion of believers an [...]

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CASELETTE – The Sanctuario of Sant’ Abaco
From Epiphany Day (6th of January) till 19th of January a great religious festivity takes place in Sant'Abaco on the hills of Musiné in Caselette. First in the parish of St. George during the liturgy a priest blesses the charities – the breads [...]

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GENK – Cosmodrome – National Park Kattevennen
The name Kattevennen recalls the English "cattle", which means cattle. There used to be many wet zones in this area through the valley of the Wiemesmeerbeek. The water of that stream had an acidic and nutrient-poor character. This resulted in [...]

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GENK – Cosmodrome
The Cosmodrome has recently been built at the Genk gateway to the Hoge Kempen National Park. This gigantic dome houses a full dome projection system and consists entirely of a screen on the inside. Not only astronomical projections will be sho [...]

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