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BLOKHUS – Farup – Falken
Falken (The Falcon), with its top speed at 75 km/hr, is Denmark's fastest wooden roller coaster. And it gives you a wiiild feeling in the stomach when you screaming speed through the 622 breathless meters of roller coaster. The Falcon is the f [...]

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GENT – Gent
Wherever you look at the largely pedestrianised city centre, you will see buildings and monuments with a story to tell. A 1000-year-old fortress, three medieval towers and the most beautiful double row of houses in Europe, on each side of the [...]

Nordic Gold

WÉRIS – House of Megaliths
The rows of megaliths in Wéris add a surreal touch to the landscape. Such a sight is so unexpected… and yet, they have been placed there 3,000 years BC. This incredible alignment of dolmen and menhirs in Wéris, made of slabs of conglomerate st [...]

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ČERVONKA – Vecsaliena (Cervonka) Castle
Červonkas mainor castle was buit in 1870 in neogothic style. The castle is in artistic, dinamic and complex composition. In other words it is a real fairy castle. The building is covered with steep gable roof. The big hall and second story rou [...]


TRIER – Dom St. Peter
The High Cathedral of Saint Peter in Trier or Trier Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is the oldest church in Germany and the largest religious structure in Trier, notable for its long life spa [...]

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JEKABPILS – Jekabpils 350
In honor of the 350th anniversary of the city of Jēkabpils, a souvenir coin of the Latvian National Heritage Collection "Jēkabpils 350" was issued this summer. The souvenir coin is decorated with the city's coat of arms, while the postcard fea [...]