SPEYER – Medicus – Historisches Museum der Pfalz
It is the world of bathers and quacks, in which the young Rob Cole, the hero of the successful novel "The Medicus", grows up. His desire to heal sick people and his desire for knowledge leads him from Europe to the Orient, where he meets the m [...]

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MEISE – Plantentuin Meise
The history of the Botanic Garden dates back to 1796. This way, the institution is older than the kingdom of Belgium, and therefore we have an experience with plants of more than two centuries. The Botanic Garden comprises 92 hectares with a l [...]


ROSENHEIM – EXHIBITION CENTER – Dinosaurs – Giants of the Sea – Swimming Liopleurodon
In the Middle Ages, when dinosaurs dominated the entire globe on land between 230 and 66 million years ago. Experience the world of the great oceans up close: on your way you will encounter the dinosaurs of the oceans. They undoubtedly belong [...]


ROSENHEIM – EXHIBITION CENTER – Dinosaurs – Giants of the Sea – Liopleurodon
Exactly ten years after the success of the Dinos from Argentina, another show takes on gigantic proportions. With the exhibition "Dinosaurs - Giants of the Seas" the locomotive shed will have big plans again from 26th September. Marine reptile [...]

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Limited Edition – 75 years D-Day 6 June 1944-2019
On June the 6 th in1944, the allied forces landed in large numbers on the Normandy coast. This first day of the grand operation “Overlord” would go into the history books as D-day. Thousands of allied forces set foot in Normandy by (gliding) p [...]


DROUWEN – Drouwenerzand – Halloween Freak
In October keeps Drouwenzand theme park a Halloween month. A Halloween days are really different than usual. The entire park is in a creepy, cozy and sometimes a bit scary Halloweens atmosphere; everywhere are pumpkins, corn stalks, straw bale [...]