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The National Tokens project has gradually expanded into the largest international souvenir coin collection on this planet. Our collection already covers more than 1000 coins in more than 40 countries.

And the saga continues… We continue conquering new countries and launch new souvenir coins on a regular basis!
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WILLINGEN – Der Wild und Freizeitpark Willingen – Eagle
Around 82 animal species and a total of 380 animals live in the Wildlife and Leisure Park at the 'Ettelsberg' mountain including exotic species such as Barbary apes, parrots as well as brown bears. There is so much to discover in the game rese [...]


WILLINGEN – Wild und Freizeitpark Willingen – Parrots
In the timber forest of the park, which is situated in a nature reserve, you will find a wildlife enclosure with hoofed game (fallow, red and sika deer), exotic animals (Barbary Macaques, parrots) and predators (brown bears, wildcats). The pet [...]

Alpaca 12

WILTZ – Panorama
Wiltz is a small city in northern Luxembourg, capital of the canton Wiltz. The upper-town with the castle of the former counts of Wiltz stands high on a plateau and its slopes. The lower-town extends in a wide valley to both banks of the river [...]

Nordic Gold

WINDSOR – The Legoland Windsor Resort – The Boy Knight
Which child does not dream of becoming a knight, an explorer, a test driver or a pilot and entering into a fascinating world of adventure? At the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort there are over 55 rides and attractions where children can fly through t [...]

Nordic Gold

WINDSOR – The Legoland Windsor Resort – The Princess
Legoland Windsor Resort is a kids theme park located in Berkshire, England. It opened in the year 1996, but operated earlier as Windsor Safari Park (since 1969). The park is owned by Merlin Entertainments and currently boasts of 55 rides and a [...]


WITTENBERG – Lutherstadt Wittenberg – Schlosskirche – Thesentür
All Saints' Church, commonly referred to as Schlosskirche to distinguish it from the Town Church of St. Mary – and sometimes known as the Reformation Memorial Church – is a Lutheran church in Wittenberg, Germany. It is the site where, accordin [...]


WITTENBERG – Lutherrose
The Luther seal or Luther rose is a widely recognized symbol for Lutheranism. It was the seal that was designed for Martin Luther at the behest of John Frederick of Saxony in 1530, while Luther was staying at the Coburg Fortress during the Die [...]

Nordic Gold

WOODSTOCK – Blenheim Palace – Malborough Crest
Blenheim Palace, near Oxford, stands in a romantic park created by the famous landscape gardener 'Capability' Brown. It was presented by the English nation to John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough, in recognition of his victory in 1704 ove [...]

Nordic Gold

WOODSTOCK – Blenheim Palace – North Door
Blenheim Palace is a monumental country house in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. It is the principal residence of the Dukes of Marlborough, and the only non-royal, non-episcopal country house in England to hold the title of palace. The palace [...]

Nordic Gold

WOODSTOCK – Blenheim Palace – West Front
The palace is named for the 1704 Battle of Blenheim, and thus ultimately after Blindheim (also known as Blenheim) in Bavaria. It was originally intended to be a reward to John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough for his military triumphs agains [...]

Nordic Gold

WOODSTOCK – Blenheim Palace – Winston Churchill
Designed in the rare, and short-lived, English Baroque style, architectural appreciation of the palace is as divided today as it was in the 1720s. It is unique in its combined use as a family home, mausoleum and national monument. The palace i [...]


WUNSTORF – Festung Wilhelmstein in Steinhunder Meer
In the 18th century, Earl Wilhelm von Schaumburg-Lippe had built the sea fortress Wilhelmstein on an artificial island in the 'Steinhuder Meer'. The star-shaped entrenchment with four bastions and one citadel, with canons and casemates is a tr [...]


WUNSTORF – Steinhunder Meer
With a surface area of 32 square kilometers, the 'Steinhuder Meer' is the largest inland lake in Northwest Germany. Within the category 'shallow lake' it is even classified as the largest lake in Germany (average depth: 1.5 meters). The lake o [...]


WUPPERTAL – Zoo Wuppertal – Bongi
Over 5.000 animals of approximately 500 different kinds from all continents live in the Wuppertaler zoo.The animal ranges, houses and outdoor installations are incorporated into the landscape which is shaped by old tree existence and give to t [...]


XAGHRA – Ggantija Temples
Ġgantija ("Giants' Tower") is a megalithic temple complex from the Neolithic on the Mediterranean island of Gozo. The Ġgantija temples are the earliest of the Megalithic Temples of Malta. The Ġgantija temples are older than the pyramids of Egy [...]


XAGHRA – Stone Circle
The Xagħra Stone Circle, also known as the Xagħra Hypogeum or the Brochtorff Circle, is a Neolithic funerary complex located in Xagħra, Gozo, Malta. It consists of a series of underground caves which were used to bury the dead, and which were [...]

Alpaca 12

YORK – Great Western Railway Company
The Great Western Railway (GWR) was a British railway company that linked London with the south-west and west of England and most of Wales. It was founded in 1833, received its enabling Act of Parliament in 1835 and ran its first trains in 183 [...]

Alpaca 12

YORK – The Second Seal of the City of York
A seal for the recognizance of statute merchant debts was granted to York by the Statute of Acton Burnel (1283). Like the seals of other cities possessing the right bestowed by that Statute the York seal was of two pieces, the larger kept by t [...]

Alpaca 12

YORK – The Southern Railway Company – Incorporated 1923
The Southern Railway (SR), sometimes shortened to 'Southern', was a British railway company established in the 1923 Grouping. It linked London with the Channel ports, South West England, South coast resorts and Kent. The railway was formed by [...]

Alpaca 12

YORK – York Dungeon – George II Shilling
Half-Crown of George II, 1746. The inscription reads GEORGIUS II DEI GRATIA (George II by the Grace of God). The word LIMA under the king's head signifies that the coin was struck from silver seized from the Spanish treasure fleet off Lima, Pe [...]

Alpaca 12

YORK – Midland and Scottish Railway Company
The London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) was a British railway company. It was formed on 1 January 1923 under the Railways Act of 1921, which required the grouping of over 120 separate railway companies into just four. The companies merg [...]