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ANTRIM – Giant Causeway – Carrick-a-Rede
The Giant's Causeway is an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986, and a national nature reserve in 1987 by the Department of the En [...]


ANTWERPEN – Antwerp Home Of Diamonds
The Province of Antwerp has created DIVA, Antwerp Home of Diamonds. DIVA is a unique experience illustrating the BrillAntwerp Story. It houses an extraordinary collection of diamonds, jewellery and silverware. DIVA paints a refreshing picture [...]

Alpaca 12

ANTWERPEN – Centraal station
The Antwerp Central Station is the terminal station of the oldest railway line in Belgium (Brussels-Mechelen-Antwerp). Dubbed the 'Railway Cathedral', it is one of the main landmarks in Antwerp. It was built between 1895 and 1905 and replaced [...]

Nordic Gold

ANTWERPEN – Grote Markt
The heart of the city on the river Schelde is the Grand-Place, a square presenting an irregular plan and surrounded by wonderful houses, seat of the 16th and 17th century corporations and gilds. The statue of Brabo stands in the middle of the [...]

Alpaca 12

Het Steen is an historic medieval castle 10 minutes walk from the Grote Markt Antwerpen, one of Europe's biggest ports. Built in 1200 - 1225, Het Steen is Antwerp's oldest building. Previously known as Antwerp Castle, Het Steen gained its curr [...]

Alpaca 12

ANTWERPEN – Nello & Patrasche
In front of the entrance of the Antwerp cathedral, a monument was set up for Nello and Patrasche, the two main personages from the tale 'A dog of Flanders'. The tale is very popular in Japan due to a cartoon series which was transmitted in 197 [...]

Alpaca 12

ANTWERPEN – Nello en Patrasche
Nello was a poor orphan who helped its uncle each morning with bringing milk to Antwerp. One day he saves the live of an abandoned dog, Patrasche, who as from then will never leave Nello. In spite of the many setbacks, the poverty the sufferin [...]

Alpaca 12

ANTWERPEN – Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Kathedraal 1352-1521
The Onze Lieve Vrouwe Kathedraal (Cathedral of our Lady) on the Handschoenmarkt square is a masterpiece of lace work in stone. Begun in 1352, it is one of the finest gothic buildings in Europe. The church, which became a cathedral in 1559 repl [...]

Alpaca 12

ANTWERPEN – Onze-Lieve-Vrouwkathedraal
The Our Lady's Cathedral of Antwerp reconciles 'being' with 'becoming'. For five centuries, its north tower, which points toward God like a finger, has dominated the silhouette of Antwerp without changing. But during that same period, the Cath [...]

Alpaca 12

ANTWERPEN – P.P. Rubens 1577 – 1610
The Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens is considered the most important artist of the 17th century, whose style became an international definition of the animated, exuberantly sensuous aspects of baroque painting. In 1577 Peter Paul was born in [...]

Alpaca 12

ANTWERPEN – Rubenshuis
In a side-street (named 'Wapper') of the Meir avenue stands the former house of Peter Paul Rubens, the greatest and most famous of all the Antwerp painters. Rubens bought an existing 16th century house there, after he had returned from his sta [...]

Alpaca 12

ANTWERPEN – Shopping Stadsfeestzaal
The Stadsfeestzaal is a neoclassical building dating from 1908. It was built according to plans made by city architect Alexis Van Mechelen on request of the municipality. It is situated on the Meir, the main shopping street in Antwerp. Another [...]

Alpaca 12

ANTWERPEN – Stadhuis Antwerpen – 450 jaar – 1565-2015
In 2015 vierde het stadhuis van Antwerpen zijn 450ste verjaardag – met een tentoonstelling é n een nieuwe rondleiding. Verken het renaissancepaleis op de Grote Markt – van voor- tot achtergevel, van kelder tot zolder. Laat je meevoeren [...]

Alpaca 12

ANYKÐÈIAI – Puntukas Boulder
The second largest stone in Lithuania – stone Puntukas – is located in the Anykðèiai Pinewood praised by the poet Antanas Baranauskas. The stone is interesting for visitors not only as the geological and mythological monument, but also as a pl [...]

Alpaca 12

ANYKÐÈIAI – Transatlantic Flight Lituanica 1933 – Steponas Darius – Stasys Girėnas
Darius and Girėnas were two American flyers of Lithuanian descent who decided to bring their mother country into the world’s spotlight by being the first Lithuanians to fly nonstop in a single-engine plane from the United States to Lithuania. [...]

Alpaca 12

ANYKŠÈIAI – The Treetop Walking Path
Near the stone Puntukas there is the Treetop Walking Path. It is the one and only in Eastern Europe states. The Path is 300 meters long and gradually rises up to 21 meters above the ground. At the end of the Path there is a 34 meters high watc [...]

Alpaca 12

APPELSCHA – Duinen Zathe
Amusement Park Duinen Zathe Appelscha: the park for a complete and affordable day out. A clear and sensational park. Northern Netherlands filled exciting attractions and theater. Nice for family, ideal for a school , family day, staff party or [...]

Nordic Gold

APPELSCHA – Duinen Zathe – Logo
Theme park Duinen Zathe is located near the always beautiful Appelscha. The family fun park offers fun for the whole family. There is nothing better than playing outside in a safe environment? All attractions are provided with information abou [...]


ARIÈGE – Prehistoric Park
Located on the edge of Tarascon (open from April through October), the park features reproductions of sanctuaries and paintings from other caves in the Pyrenees which are inaccessible or closed to the public. The drawings in the Salon Noir in [...]

Alpaca 12

ARNHEM – Koninklijke Burgers’ Zoo – Shark
On March 31, 1913, Faisanterie Buitenlust, the forerunner of the current modern animal park Burgers' Zoo, opens its doors to the public for the first time. Since its foundation by Johan Burgers, the first owner and the one who named the animal [...]

Alpaca 12

ARNHEM – Koninklijke Burgers’ Zoo – Tiger
The Sumatran tiger is unfortunately seriously threatened. Scientists estimate that there are only a few hundred animals in the wild on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The precious fur, the demand for tiger body parts for medicinal use, large [...]