TURIN – Caval ‘d brônz – Palazzo Madama

The Equestrian monument to Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy rises in the center of Piazza San Carlo in central Turin, in the Piedmont region of Italy. Known as ‘Testa di ferro’ or ‘Ironhead’ because of his military prowess, Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy was a skilled political strategist and one-time suitor to Lady Elizabeth Tudor, later Queen Elizabeth I. He was the second cousin and nephew by marriage of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and first cousin of his successor, Philip II of Spain.
The monument was completed in 1838 in Paris by Carlo Marochetti, commissioned by King Charles Albert of Savoy to commemorate the military prowess of one of an ancestor from his dynasty.
Palazzo Madama e Casaforte degli Acaja is a palace in Turin, Piedmont. It was the first Senate of the Kingdom of Italy, and takes its traditional name from the embellishments it received under two queens (madama) of the House of Savoy.
In 1997, it was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list along with 13 other residences of the House of Savoy.
Coin is available together with coin Porte Palatina-Merit.

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  • Coin Alloy Name: Alpaca 12
  • Coin Alloy Color: silver
  • Coin Diameter: 31,00
  • Coin Thickness: 2,25
  • Coin Edge: serrated, fine
  • City: TURIN
  • Country: Italy
  • Available: yes, not through coin dispenser
  • Location: TURIN, Italy