TOULOUSE – Saint-Michel prison – Le Castelet

The entrance to Saint-Michel prison, in Toulouse, will open its doors to the general public from October 29, 2020. A place of remembrance, dedicated to the former remand center, is inaugurated. You will discover the history of this very special place, and also those of some of those who passed there.
Saint-Michel prison opened its doors in 1872. Its detainees were transferred to the Seysses remand center in 2003, but the premises remained occupied by prisoners on semi-liberty until 2009. Since then, there are had several project ideas, to give a second life to these places.
In 2014, the neighborhood committee, chaired by Guillaume Drijard, launched a major operation to collect images related to the prison, then a collection of objects, documents and testimonies. Some of these items, collected from funds and individuals, are exhibited in this new Toulouse museum.

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