PORTUGAL – Castro Daire – N2 – km 136

Castro Daire is located on the Rio Paiva, below the Serra de Montemuro, which is up to 1,381 meters high. About 30 km south is the district capital Viseu, about 30 km north of Lamego.
In the 2nd century BC The area became Roman. A Roman road ran through today’s district area, and Roman ceramics and coins were also found here. The Ponte Pedrinha bridge, built in the 19th century, also goes back to a Roman bridge. After the invasion of Germanic tribes in the 5th century, the area subsequently became Arab, and after the capture of the Iberian Peninsula by the Moors from the 8th century.
The current circle was founded in the course of the successful independence struggle of the Kingdom of Portugal from 1139 onwards . Castro Daire received its first city rights from Portugal’s first king, Afonso Henriques, but no exact date has been passed down. The city rights were renewed in 1514 by King Manuel I.
The sightseeings of Castro Daire include some mansions, historical public buildings, bridges, fountains, mills and a large number of sacred buildings. The historic town center as a whole is also a listed monument.

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  • Coin Alloy Name: Alpaca 12
  • Coin Alloy Color: silver
  • Coin Diameter: 31,00
  • Coin Thickness: 2,25
  • Coin Edge: serrated, fine
  • Country: Portugal
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  • Location: CASTRO DAIRE, Portugal