LONDON – The Natural History Museum – T-Rex

Let’s go to the world famous Museum of Natural History in London and let’s visit the DINOSAURS Exhibition. The exhibition features the most famous creature of all dinosaurs – the Tyrannosaurus rex. At three-quarters the size of a life-size T.rex, this animatronic model is a fearsome image of this extinct monster.
This famous creature was one of the largest land-dwelling meat-eaters that ever lived. Adults grew to 12m/39.3ft long, stood 5m/16.4ft high and weighed about seven tonnes.
Tyrannosaurus had large powerful back legs, with clawed feet that were probably used to hold down its prey. It fed by biting huge mouthfuls of flesh from its prey, its 15cm/5.9in teeth
ripping through skin and muscle. Lower jaws were hinged in the middle to allow an even wider gape. Tyrannosaurus probably lived a solitary existence or settled in small family
The fearsome animatronic model that you see in this video, is 4.37m/14.3ft wide, 6.1m/20ft long and 4.5m/14.8ft tall.

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