KÖLN – Eau de Cologne

Eau de Cologne or simply Cologne (German: Kölnisch Wasser, ‘Water of Cologne’) is a toiletry, a perfume in a style that originated from Cologne, Germany. The original Eau de Cologne is a spirit-citrus perfume launched in Cologne in 1709 by Giovanni Maria Farina (1685–1766), an Italian perfume maker from Santa Maria Maggiore Valle Vigezzo, Italy. In 1708, Farina wrote to his brother Jean Baptiste: ‘I have found a fragrance that reminds me of an Italian spring morning, of mountain daffodils and orange blossoms after the rain’. He named his fragrance Eau de Cologne, in honour of his new hometown.The Original Eau de Cologne composed by Farina was used only as a perfume and delivered to ‘nearly all royal houses in Europe’. His ability to produce a constantly homogenous fragrance consisting of dozens of monoessences was seen as a sensation at the time. At the time, a single vial of this aqua mirabilis cost half the annual salary of a civil servant. When free trade was established in Cologne by the French in 1797, the success of Eau de Cologne prompted countless other businessmen to sell their own fragrances under the name of Eau de Cologne.

Release Dates

2011, 2016


  • Coin Alloy Name: brass
  • Coin Alloy Color: gold
  • Coin Diameter: 31
  • Coin Thickness: 2,25
  • Coin Edge: serrated, fine
  • City: KÖLN
  • Country: Germany
  • Available: yes
  • Location: KÖLN, Germany