Peak Klinovec

Klínovec is a flat, prominent peak visible from afar, located 3,5 kilometres southeast of Boží Dar. It is the highest point of the Ore Mountains and of the whole mountain system. Geologically, it is a structural range composed of mica schist and orthogneiss, with smaller rock formations on its slopes. The first lookout was built on Klínovec in 1817. The present-day octagonal stone look-out tower dates back to 1884 and it is 24 metres high. An inn was built and gradually renovated in the course of years from 1895 until 1929 and it houses a magnificent hall with a stylish coffered ceiling, depicting the coat-of-arms of the towns of the Ore Mountain region. After 1989, the whole complex began rapidly dilapidating and its gradual reconstruction, launched in 2005, was subsequently discontinued. Klínovec is dominated by an 80-metres high telecommunication tower. A chairlift leads to the hilltop, as well as a number of ski lifts. Ski trails winding along the peak are maintained in winter and bike trails in summer. A spring may be found about 200 metres west of the peak above the road. The woodland is mostly damaged spruce forest.


  • Coin Alloy Name: brass patinated
  • Coin Alloy Color: brass patinated
  • Coin Diameter: 30
  • Coin Thickness: 2
  • Coin Edge: serrated, fine
  • City: BOŽÍ DAR
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Available: no
  • Location: BOŽÍ DAR, Czech Republic