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Last update : 23/01/2017

Number of coins : 1480

Number of variations : 3661



Coin Dispenser

A country’s heritage and a coin’s beauty...

Every country on our planet has its own unique heritage to offer. The reflection of a rich and sometimes stirring history. But also more recent attractions can display a countries’ spirit and dynamism.

Castles and cathedrals, monuments and landmarks, museums, caves, sanctuaries, nature reserves, zoos, recreational parks, … there’s always something to discover for every taste.

The National Tokens collection provides lasting memories in the form of timeless heritage coins. They are available through an automatic coin dispenser on most locations, but you may also find them in a display box on the local shop's counter. Usually at only € 2,00 per coin, or the approximative countervalue outside the Euro-zone.

Enjoy your visit and discover the fascinating world of the National Tokens souvenir coin collection.


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